Family business with a legacy of pushing the limits of design and manufacturing

Simard is a third-generation family business that continues its legacy of manufacturing quality French kitchen and bathroom cabinets. They continue to push the limits with their modern designs and efficient manufacturing processes.

When working on the Simard advertisement, we had more freedom to create a national prime-time television commercial for a more liberal market than the United States. This ad was their first appearance on TV, and it was focused on bringing more awareness to their brand.

Our goal was to be riskier, create a powerful ad with a message that stuck, and have a strong punchline all within a low budget production. Creative Department produced the ad from development, storyboarding, to the final broadcast that would be televised nationwide. In the end, the Simard ad brought us over one dozen accolades in national and international awards and was well received by audiences.


What we’ve done

  • advertising
  • design
  • integrated campaigns
  • marketing
  • video production

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